Where is a Tango Mike logo for QSL card?

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Where is a Tango Mike logo for QSL card?

Postby spyder3 » 20 Mar 2015, 13:31

Do we have some kind of Tango – Mike logo for QSL card?
I am talking about something like nice logos from Sugar Delta (the best) or Oscar Delta to put on my personal QSL card.
I made it by myself as a British Flag, but we must have official club logo.
Radio operators around the world always mail to me 2-3 QSL cards.
1-2 Officials; something like
http://www.tangomike.net/wp-content/upl ... ard-V4.jpg
and 1 personal with image of their country, flag or city etc.
But the personal card always has a Club logo on it like
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Re: Where is a Tango Mike logo for QSL card?

Postby Admiral » 22 Mar 2015, 22:53

The TM admin team seem very flexible to me, so long as you don't portray the group in a negative manner then you probably have carte blanche to design to your hearts content.

And you never know, if you come up with a real gem, they may adopt it as an official TM logo.
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