REMINDER - Blackpool Rally this Sunday!

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Re: REMINDER - Blackpool Rally this Sunday!

Post by 108EH002 » 14 May 2018, 08:11

Not much there this year as the smaller hall was double booked.Did notice the jamjar turning back and forward,turns out it was for cleaning the stall holder's wife's jewellery,to stop staining of the metals,that would normally be lying at the bottom of the jar sitting still.If you dont ask eh.Looking forward to Braehead this weekend,meant to be plenty locals that will be going through from East Central Scotland mobile.I will be tx/rx-ing on CB but the other cars will have 2m/70cms so listen out.Went in a wee convoy with another 2 car's (big convoy for 2018 eh) as 8 of us met up at Carlisle,but many more say they will attend Braehead as Blackpool was just too far for some,should be a good day on radio,with hopefully half a dozen motors going through.
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