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What Happened to GB3DY?

Posted: 13 Sep 2017, 13:52
by solarstorm
Ive not heard this for a while , has it been turned off ?? i know there used to be alot of
problems on it and i found this video on youtube when google search. Maybe because of this has it been turned off???

Re: What Happened to GB3DY?

Posted: 13 Sep 2017, 16:17
by paulears
It does strike me that nobody in their right mind would want to run a repeater in an area of the country where people abuse it. In fact if you have the money to spend on a repeater and have a site, you'd be better to get a licence for a business radio system, and buy everyone a cheap digital radio who you want to use it, and then encrypt the entire thing.

Re: What Happened to GB3DY?

Posted: 21 Sep 2017, 10:58
by solarstorm
Is it off for good or just temporary?

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Re: What Happened to GB3DY?

Posted: 21 Sep 2017, 13:34
by Admiral
If you are really, really wanting to know then contact the NOV holder mis[at]zycomm[dot]co[dot]uk

Re: What Happened to GB3DY?

Posted: 23 Sep 2017, 11:10
by Merlinonline
GB3DY is/was being run by a private company who wanted to give something back to the Amateur Radio community, they took a financial hit on running GB3DY and GB3EE. In return, the only thanks they have received is a kick up the backside from OFCOM and the RSGB for allowing the repeaters to stay on the air for so long. If it was me I would be feeling pretty hacked off with it all and wonder is it worth the effort!

What can you do, if you hear abuse then just ignore it, don't rise to it. The people who do this want a reaction if they don't get one then they have failed. There are also a lot of myths put about who does the abuse, the reality is it can be anyone! Unlicensed pirates, CB'er's with a foundation licence who have found that ham radio isn't for them, all the way up to full licence holders. I was getting verbal abuse last week from someone on a repeater, despite the fact he was infringing his licence conditions by not using a callsign. On that occasion, he had been fairly stupid as I had been monitoring the repeater for a good hour beforehand and heard him use his callsign (M1) a good forty minutes before he started on me!

Re: What Happened to GB3DY?

Posted: 23 Sep 2017, 12:51
by paulears
Repeater abuse just reflects current society. When ham radio was elitist, it never happened, but it became more accessible once you could buy equipment instead of having to make it. Then it dropped again once these purchases became less significant price wise, and now people (based on the US forums, really) get into ham radio to talk to their family and friends because it's less crowded than the proper public channels, but they don't want to be operating illegally. Now things are digital, people can even use the ham bands it totally privacy, and nobody even knows who they are! 2m, 70cm, 27MHz, 49MHz and 446 are just virtually public, uncoordinated, unprotected spaces, and as long as they don't break 'ism' laws, the establishment doesn't care remotely what they do. I'd suspect that OFCOM and the RSGB really don't want to get involved in any for of band policing - it's a no win process. Stop one instance and another starts up. I have just three user groups on my small repeater system - one works through the night period, the other is a small delivery business and a farmer with two farms each too far apart for direct comms. I hire them their radios, and as one of the night time people knows the farmer, I stuck in an extra channel on their radios - ch 1 is their own CTCSS tone, and the other one, the other user's. At night I often hear the night time organisation chatting to the farmer about their mutual hobby which appears to be model railways!

People just sometimes want to talk without knowing anything about radios - would these folk be better with CB or 446? probably not as they're too far away from each other for handheld radios.

Abuse will always happen without regulation and protection by the authorities. Just mirrors life.

Did you hear about that guy who got arrested at Dubai airport, because on his last visit he gave a local the finger when driving? They tagged his passport and remembered him, and did something about it. We don't.