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Re: What Ham Radio Stuff did you buy today? (2017)

Posted: 03 Feb 2018, 18:04
by Crusader
Hi Drew pal :),the x2 sat on top of the T1154 are both "L" models,they have the wrinkle type paint job finish,the other x2 are a "A" model & a highly modified "N" model which somebody decided would look nice Gloss Black. {bnghd}

I must of had x20 R1155's over the years & they used different paint on different models,i have another R1155A here and the band selector badge is painted on rather than a brass plate as is the AVC-BALANCE-VISUAL ,i guess they were cutting back on materials for the war effort.

Forgot to mention the T1154 is the rarer "L" model,it is in good nick & all complete,could do with finding a 1200V HT PSU unit to try it,but i somehow think that would be a mission & a half finding one,i will probably sell it on TBH even though i have BNOS Jones plus etc for it still in their original wax paper packaging.

Re: What Ham Radio Stuff did you buy today? (2017)

Posted: 04 Feb 2018, 23:27
by Crusader
Yet another acquired for the collection today...a rare version of the AR88D the RAF designated R1556A hence the different coloured front panel.

Working well & in decent condition,it has been modernised & had all the bathtub capacitors replaced & it has the original AR88 Signal meter fitted.

This radio nearly ended up in a skip! the chap i bought it from said it had been his Uncles who past away 2 years ago,he saved it along with another radio i acquired today,the SK's family lobbed everything in the skip {bnghd} & his nephew rescued this as it was one of the last radios left in the house,obviously too heavy for them to lift into the skip so a blessing in disguise.

Not bad for £60 eh ;)

Re: What Ham Radio Stuff did you buy today? (2017)

Posted: 05 Feb 2018, 10:22
by MrWeetabix
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