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Various radios for sale

Posted: 10 Jan 2017, 22:03
by mercury888
Icom IC-A20 airband transceiver
Not much to say, it's an airband transceiver. It has the Icom wall wart but I can't find it right now - but it is included. Note the LCD has a dark patch to the lower right but it does not appear to affect the readout. £80

SMR Sealab 9000GD marine band transceiver
Again, does what it says on the tin. This is dip proof as far as I recall - its certainly well sealed. Channel selection is via thumb switches behind a protective plastic shield. It has a dual watch function but I forget how that works - it has a switch anyway! Wall wart included, again it's somewhere in the workshop. The wall wart has a shaver-plug type pins so needs an adapter which I will bundle in if I find it (it's most likely with the wall wart anyway) £50

I'm sure you all know you cannot use either of the above without the relevant licence!

Yaseu FRG7000 receiver
This tunes from 250kHz to 29.90MHz according to the ad but the display will go further either end. This has lost its case feet and handle at the sides (not the bottom feet), has one missing knob (unless I find it) and selecting USB was always a bit hit and miss but does work. Probably needs a bit of switch cleaner. One annoying thing is there is no battery backup for the clock / timer so I always left it plugged in. Nice old receiver that has served me well for years but I want an HF transceiver now! £100

Collect from Leeds or shipping at cost via Hermes (insured). Shipping will cost you whatever it costs me, I don't charge for boxing them up or tape!