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Re: Lifeboats

Post by Andrew » 13 Feb 2010, 15:37

If he can't tell, someone else will. If at all possible try spelling correctly. It's not like lifeboat transmissions are on par with MI5! I didn't say your job was crap either, if thats what you meant, it's hard to tell. I don't think anyone has a job where the frequency of the radio is completely top secret, if it was to be, then it would be under some form of encryption. Even Ofcom publish 'confidential' frequencies.
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Re: Lifeboats

Post by Scott_93 » 13 Feb 2010, 20:44

Exactly as Andrew says, its not secure by any means, in fact a freedom of information request will reveal all you want. I don't give a Schumacher if you friend is the top agent for CI4 at the end of the day if you can't mention it then why post on the topic? Kinda stupid ain't it? :roll:

If its UHF then I'm 85% sure its UK general channels as it best suits there needs.

The RNLI also still have 159.1000 paired with 163.6000 licensed to them.


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Re: Lifeboats

Post by Firecrest55 » 23 Oct 2011, 23:37

Some more uhf for SAR

244.6000 uk SAR control

252.8000 Nato SAR Training

282.8000 Nato SAR UHF primary

389.5000 Maritime Patrol common.

I agree if people say they can't tell due to there job that is a loads of C***. SIMPLE HE DOESNT have a clue himself tries to make out he does but hasnt, Millions of people do it.. Why though what do they gain out of it :lol:

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