Frquencies picked up in Queensferry North wales.

Scanning radio frequencies in Wales
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Frquencies picked up in Queensferry North wales.

Post by N1ova » 30 Jun 2009, 16:36

Hi im based in Queensferry North Wales and i pick these up on my ubc785xlt with a moonraker skyscan mobile antenna from home.All these frequencies are still in use as i have checked them and took them off my scanner.Hope these are of some use cheers Adrian.

449.4000fm Asda queensferry possibly as was talking about george cloathes
454.1250fm call to prayer ch9 national
455.7625fm Manchester airport ground clearance
454.3250fm hospital voice pager?
454.9625fm rail cab channel 10 merseyrail merseyside
456.2750fm ironbridge power station telford shropshire
166.4625fm 171.1625fm Wales ambulance trust north wales
166.3625fm Mersey Regional Ambulance Merseyside
178.8850fm Skip Hire Merseyside?
441.0375fm chester shopwatch,pubwatch
164.6650fm Skip hire not sure on location
178.6650fm unsure on what it is possibly skips
70.9625am Merseyside Fire Channel 2 West Merseyside
433.1500fm GB3CR Mold Flintshire North Wales
145.3750fm 2 metre amateur radio
145.5000fm 2 metre amateur v40 mobile calling
145.4000fm 2 metre Amateur radio V32
166.4875fm Liverpool Ambulance Service MERSEYSIDE
165.6250fm Taxi's based in Deeside North Wales
167.2125fm Taxi's possibly based in Chester
166.3250fm Mersey Met Ambulance Service Merseyside
166.2000fm Merseyside Ambulance Rapid Response Medics Merseyside
145.6500fm GB3MN Stockport Greater Manchester
166.1000fm Mersey Met Ambulance Service Merseyside
180.6375fm taxis possibly Manchester?
430.9000fm Amateur radio repeaterGb3pz
206.1000fm National Rail Network Hollyhead Anglesey North Wales
145.2750fm Amateur radio 2 metre V22
178.6625fm 178.8875fm Northwich Crewe area taxi company
167.2625 Taxi's Liverpool area
71.0375am Merseyside firebrigade Channel 1 Central/South Merseyside
166.7375fm Taxi's Deeside area North Wales
164.4500fm Car park ferry buses Manchester airport greater Manchester
31.0875fm CT 1 cordless phone 98 allocation
31.0625fm CT 1 cordless phone 98 allocation
31.0375fm CT 1 cordless phone 98 allocation
31.1375fm CT 1 cordless phone 98 allocation
205.0500fm National rail network
164.5125fm Security unsure of location
167.1125fm Taxi's possibly Merseyside
86.2875fm unsure of what it is taxi's possibly
165.6125fm Deeside based taxi's
166.5500fm either lancashire or yorkshire?

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