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Malicious Mayday call

Posted: 12 Nov 2017, 17:18
by Mikel
I usually monitor a number of marine channels during the day here and throughout this week there have been a number of calls to Swansea Coastguard asking for assistance. I have been unable to hear the station calling the Coastguard so far.

I did hear the Coastguard asking the station firstly for a location and what assistance they required and then with a later call, advised the station to call 999 for Police if they were on land. The coastguard advised another station that it was a child's voice on the mic.

An hour or so ago someone was calling Mayday on 16 and after a thorough search (I could see the rescue heli up in the Bristol Channel on adsbexchange) the coastguard stated it was a 'false alarm malicious' .

Has anyone else heard any of this activity, in particular has anyone heard the kids voice calling the Coastguard?

It is a pity that this happens, as i'm sure you will agree that the rescue services do a great job all around and don't deserve to be messed around like this.

If an adult is putting a child up to this, then they deserve more than a good kick up the arse!

Re: Malicious Mayday call

Posted: 12 Nov 2017, 19:17
by thelad
We have the same on the east coast, sounds like a kid with a cheap china handheld.

Re: Malicious Mayday call

Posted: 12 Nov 2017, 20:37
by paulears
Before they closed it, I was rather impressed with the speed and accuracy of the DF system at the MRCC in Gt Yarmouth. Even more common now with the location info most users have are calls from Humber Radio to vessels that appear to be on dry land because they've failed to programme the GPS properly. So they'll have a pretty good idea where the pirate is, and if they do start to be working to a pattern, they'll catch them.

Re: Malicious Mayday call

Posted: 13 Nov 2017, 08:39
by bigbloke
Hi Mikel,

Long time no type! :-)

Yes we heard Milford replying to the "I am stranded" and "require immediate assistance" fake distress calls.
Shameful behavior :evil: :evil: :evil:

They were just tripping my squelch here in Newport - completely unintelligible , but I was in online dialogue with
a friend in Cardiff who heard them and said it was a young kid, suggesting they were further down the coast.

The other night a flare was let off from inland from Burnham resulting in several lifeboats being paged and
rescue 187 launching. They searched the channel but Burnham managed to obtain video footage from somewhere
illustrating that the flare went off inland and fortunately the search was called off. The incidents were perhaps related ?
some kids nicking from a boat ?

Theres also been an emergence of another t**t in Newport - I suspect its the same guy that plagues the binmen as he
made the same stupid "turkey" noises on channel 16 as he does on the binmen's channel. They were S9 with me. From
the bearing I suspect it may be the same lunatic that used to plague Swansea as "flat holm lighthouse" some years ago.

it needs nipping in the bud ! complete A******s !



Re: Malicious Mayday call

Posted: 14 Nov 2017, 11:07
by Mikel

Thanks for the additional info - most interesting. Yes, I heard the flare incident and it is all very sad, probably the same sort that shines lasers at the heli crew.

Dont suppose you will ever stop it completely and easy to do with a cheap Chinese handy these days. Saying that I remember the 'squeaky' that used to plague GB3BC in the 70's when it was on Mynydd Machen. (Showing my age, ha, ha.)

Keep listening!!