Decent SO239 Magmount

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Re: Decent SO239 Magmount

Post by The Collector » 19 Feb 2019, 21:34

morgz84 wrote:
16 Feb 2019, 22:44
I'm actually tempted to buy the whole Sirio 145 antenna. It seems so have good write ups and is similar to the K40 I once had, but at a sensible price. I don't get too good an SWR with the Modulator, and tend to run it through a tuner. I only ended up with the Modulator as it was randomly given to me by a neighbour who used to be into CB back in the day. I started using the Modulator after my K40 fell to bits and I didn't have the cash to replace it at the time. Not to say it it's a bad antenna, I've had many good copies on it, although I tend to put up a Firestik when I am static mobile.
Cheapest deal is this one on ebay at the mo. It might be worth a quick call to one or two places to see if they can beat it though: ... 3351589779

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