Moonraker Minor, Weak output transistor?

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Moonraker Minor, Weak output transistor?

Post by DavidB445 » 28 Sep 2018, 12:46

I picked up an old moonraker minor for cheap, sold as not working. Hoping that I can fix it for a cheap little radio for in the car.
I was told that it had been used with a high SWR and now the output is very weak. Connecting an SWR/PWR meter up to it shows virtually nothing for SWR or PWR. The needle moves probably 2mm.

Using my SDR I can see that it is still transmitting, carrier and voice, however as the meter suggests it's putting out almost no power. The local guys 10-20 miles from me come in very strong on the SDR, much better than this radio does even 5 feet away :lol:
As it's been a high SWR situation I'm guessing that the output transistor is blown or at least very weak.

It is a C2078, which I have ordered some new ones to replace it with. Just wondering if there's anything else I can check or replace?

Receive is still pretty good, I can hear all the locals with strong, clear signals. Just the transmit is almost non-existent.

Cheers :thumbup:
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