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Re: antenna by scottyc2911

Post by Mikel » 02 Jul 2018, 13:06

At the end of the day a vertical antenna is a vertical antenna. I have tried loads over the years. You can call it a super duper multi gainer silver, gold, titanium, platinum imax antron master rod with 500db gain if you want to.

You can claim it will make your penis 4cm longer or stop your fanny itching on a Sunday if you want to, but it wont work any better, despite the marketing claims.

You can say its a 1/2 wave, a 5/8 wave, .64 wave or a 99 wave J pole with a flake on the top. It's all done to persuade you to part with your money. As Scotty used to say in Star Trek “Ye cannae change the laws of physics”

My antenna for 10, 11 and 12 meters at present is in my loft. It is home made. Just over 2 m high with a small rectangular capacity hat on top and 6, 3 m ground plane wires underneath. All made from copper wire out of an old transformer taped to some plastic conduit I got from B&Q a few years back.

I have talked to stations in Israel, the Ukraine and talked through the New York Repeater on 10m with this shortened 1/4 wave antenna, all with low power. There is nothing magical happening, the propagation conditions just happened to be right at the time.

The antennas that guy is selling on ebay will work as well or as bad as any other similar size vertical antenna, if its made correctly and I have no reason to believe there is anything wrong with them. In fact, if you cant make your own for whatever reason, then for the money you cant go wrong in my opinion.

You pays your money, and you takes your choice, as the old saying goes. Just remember, there is no magic antenna, just sometimes magical claims, usually about something way overpriced.

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