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Re: Are Radiozing going under?

Posted: 13 Jun 2018, 15:33
by simonthewizard
Simon the wizard often says on his blog that there isnt much call for SSB CBs according to the dealers. When ever someone on a forum says what about a legal SSB radio or even an AM/FM radio, most people say buy a SS9900 or similar, or buy a secondhand HF rig. May be there is only so many rigs that will be purchased

In a 10 hour factory working shift they’ll make 1000 CRT One N and SS9900 they’ll make 200 maybe 250 if all goes well. I petitioned dealers in Czech, Poland, Germany, Romania to see what actually goes. It’ll be in the magazine later in year.

Czech Rep : For every 10 AMFM sold it’s maybe 2 SSB
Poland: Mostly all want AM if need SSB used HF way to go
Romania: Price dependent but want high power mode and FM
Germany: More akin to UK but want good deal, better price

My friend here bought a Grant II Premium delivered and expanded from Germany €339

A friend bought from a forum in Germany a TS140S a power supply and a desk mike €380 delivered. Why buy CB when you can buy a Kenwood....

Re: Are Radiozing going under?

Posted: 14 Jun 2018, 07:33
by Bigdave
That may well be the case,but doesn't really shed any light on whether Radiozing are going under or not.....................