Good ssb rig wanted as small as possable ???

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Re: Good ssb rig wanted as small as possable ???

Post by 108EH002 » 23 Dec 2017, 12:15

P.s,I know it isn't a rig as such,but one of the locals uses one and he sounds better on the 2990 than on his Jackson 2,at5555,ss9900,cre 8900,al135,and too many others to mention,he won't part with it and says it is good on ssb,Can only believe him eh.
You can talk worldwide on CB radio aswell = not 10 - 15 miles,
rsgb/ofcom are too far up their own @rses to admit it = snobs,
but many freebanders just happen to know otherwise = 27Mhz.

Prefer being an IQ0 on 27.555☠

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