face plate SUPERSTAR-360FM

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Re: face plate SUPERSTAR-360FM

Post by cb4ever104 » 06 Nov 2017, 08:21

Steve B wrote:
05 Nov 2017, 23:35
cb4ever104 wrote:
05 Nov 2017, 22:48
I'm talking about Spain. They're 10 a penny here. No idea where VLC is.
Valencia, as stronty said. I need you to funnel some of those 10 euro Alicante radios my way... Guys in my province sit on overpriced classifieds for 6 months
Didn't say €10. I got my boxed one for €45 BIN on Ebay.es. Got another one for €20 on Mil which needed 2 resistors replacing on the output stage . Another 2 360FMs , including a mk1, for €40 plus p+p from Madrid, also on mil. Last month a boxed 148 GTL on mil for 40 . 2 × 148 GTL DXs for 120 on mil......etc Just because someone lists it for €100 , doesn't mean that they won't accept €50 :) So. As I said. Shop around. I used to live and work in Valencia, and there's always a few bargains to be found.
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Re: face plate SUPERSTAR-360FM

Post by Steve B » 06 Nov 2017, 11:39

Ahh right, misread what you said there. Yeah these prices make a bit more sense now.
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Re: face plate SUPERSTAR-360FM

Post by gmham » 07 Nov 2017, 22:34

.... Icom IC7300 / Cobra 148gtldx Mk2 / Kenwood TR751e 2mtr ssb... Ameritron ALS-600X SS HF Linear.... Cushcraft R6000 HF vertical / 80-10 mtr ocf dipole....... Astatic 575m6 mic / Heil ICM mic.

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