dipole for 27.555 whats best ??? 1/2 wave or 1/4 wave

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Re: dipole for 27.555 whats best ??? 1/2 wave or 1/4 wave

Post by Buick Mackane » 03 Jan 2018, 00:46

I made my first 11m dipole last year and was amazed with the results, Even with it being in the attic it boomed out, Great RX too, Had a bandwidth of 2 Mhz, Easy as pie to make, Best to put 5 turns of coax with a diameter of about 4 inches below the feed point, This stops the coax radiating, Which can cause all kind of strange effects, Like false SWR Readings,

Loads of dipole calculators online that do the maths for you, Just pick your centre frequency, Cut to size and bobs your uncle and carols your dad :thumbup:

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Re: dipole for 27.555 whats best ??? 1/2 wave or 1/4 wave

Post by astradyne » 03 Jan 2018, 13:07

andrew013 wrote:
27 Sep 2017, 17:31
ch25 wrote:
NightProwler wrote:Yes he does like to slag off everything and think he is superior to everyone else, Just another troll. Stick with the Imax, Excellent antennas :thumbup:
Nah, just some radio fan with some experience.
I won't convince you, but I had Imax, A99, Shakespeare big stick along with nice aluminium antenna on the switch for a long time.
Difference is easy to notice. Try yourself.
you must have some S H I T E experience then ,
user of radio since 79 , had many radios and ariels , just dont go on about it , imax from new i have lost count now how long its been must be 16+yrs still work the world on 4 watts am and upto 20 watts ssb if need be if using my low powerd cb radios i also have an imax for portable use nothing wrong with them or a99`s
The A99 is a very convenient antenna for portable DX. Fixes together in a minute, no need to adjust for a good SWR, work well for what they are and quick and easy to take down and stick in the car.
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Re: dipole for 27.555 whats best ??? 1/2 wave or 1/4 wave

Post by G8YMW » 07 Jan 2018, 20:43

Tigersaw wrote:
18 Sep 2017, 11:10
The full wave dipole would be very high impedance if fed from the centre, it could be done if you feed with balanced line, or use a matching transformer, but best stick with the 1/4 wave either side if fed with co-ax for a single band antenna, look to get it at least 5 metres above the ground.
There is the Double Zepp.
Basically it is a J pole with the J match turned through 90 degrees then put another 1/2 wave radiator on the other leg of the J match.
The J match will be twin feeder shorted at the bottom with the coax feeding in above it.
Better still is the Double Extended Zepp with each arm being .64 wavelength (and retweaks to the matching)

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Re: dipole for 27.555 whats best ??? 1/2 wave or 1/4 wave

Post by Dx121 » 13 Nov 2018, 22:49

I used to have a sirio 827 back in 1998. I'm back to the radio since last year and i've built an inverted v dipole for a few euros. A decent vertical antenna cost about 100 euros and you can build a dipole for less then 10 euros. The dipole seems to work pretty well, very low qrm.
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