montgomery ward 719a conversion help

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Re: montgomery ward 719a conversion help

Post by lbcomms » 12 Feb 2017, 12:21

mastercare wrote:its pouring rain here>
Had crazy weather here too. Heavy rain at the start if the week, some poor motorcycle owner had his machine washed along by a metre wide stretch of water in the street out the front, it ended up jammed under the back of a parked 4WD. Then the rain went away, and we had 41 and 43 degree days by the end of the week. It's usually consistent high 20's and dry this time of year here.

Haven't forgotten you, just had a backlog to clear, took a bit longer than expected due to the crazy weather. I'll have a look at the pics in the next day or two and post a step by step for you to follow...

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Re: montgomery ward 719a conversion help

Post by mastercare » 14 Feb 2017, 12:43

Hi Libcomms
sorry to hear about the weather you had, its been on our news over here...
regards the cb theres no hurry when ever you have time...
many thanks

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