Report from Jersey

Scanning radio frequencies for the South West
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Report from Jersey

Post by BravoNiner » 15 Sep 2012, 15:49

Bit quiet over here. :)

There are still some wide area PMR systems in the clear, but apparently nowhere near as many as there used to be, apparently. It's all between 163-170 (worth checking 158.5-160.5 and 170-173 for some simplex stragglers),
nothing lower down VHF (85-87 completely clear) or higher.
UHF does get a fair bit of use for on-site, mostly 453 and 456 bands, and some pmr446 and UK Gen 449.
Other UK Gen (164/169) get some use, and Suppliers Hire channels whenever events are on (staying with a friend who has scanned for years and filled me in on the details, but asked me not to list frequencies in case it causes trouble)

St.Helier harbour runs a VTS on ch 14 which is like air traffic control for the port, nicely organised. An automated "pierheads information service" gives wind direction and speed every couple of minutes on 161.5! Lots of marine activity from an island in a busy part of the channel. Marine UHF worth scanning, also Condor ferries have an unsual one for onboard and port ops on 454 somewhere.

The hams have an active club and 2m repeater on 145.637 which is a straight copy of the input followed by an instant bleep and shut off. Nothing like our usual UK ones! It does get some use and seems to have replaced simplex over here. 70cm is a whole load of nothing, like 6m. Saw some CB twigs on 4x4s but never heard anything.

The BBC have a radio station here, and do TV reports (you can catch that on Sky), and there's a local ITV too. Plus a commercial FM station 103.7
There's a main TV tower and a number of relays to spot, and DAB too
And you wouldn't believe the amount of french FM stations, the band is packed! Jersey is in a large bay as far as France is concerned, in close range for radio from half the points of the compass. Likewise airband is very busy with French.

Had to laugh at the way Jersey and Guernsey both slope away from each other, show their high cliff edges to each other and mostly each ignore the other!

And that's the report from Jersey! Nice place for a visit, very tidy as there isn't a square foot of land spare to go unmanaged, bit expensive though.

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Re: Report from Jersey

Post by pmr446man » 15 Sep 2012, 18:27

sounds almost more then you get in cornwall surprisingly
pmr446 king.

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