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Frequency for Folkestone & Surroundings towns

Posted: 09 Sep 2017, 08:17
by AlfieDivine1
Hi everyone
I have pull up some Business Radio frequency's for Folkestone and surrounding towns hope these come in use :thumbup:

Folkestone Academy
TX 453.20625 MHz, RX 459.70625 MHz

Channel Cars Folkestone Ltd
TX 167.40625 MHz, RX 172.20625 MHz

Folkestone Taxi Co Limited
TX 166.68125 MHz, RX 171.48125 MHz
TX 167.11875 MHz, RX 171.91875 MHz

Direct Cars (Deal town) Limited
TX 168.21875 MHz, RX 173.01875 MHz

Foxwood School
TX 163.13125 MHz, RX 163.13125 MHz

Sheerness Recycling Hythe Ltd
TX 453.00625 MHz, RX 453.00625 MHz

Lydden Hill Race Circuit
TX 168.98125 MHz, RX 168.98125 MHz

Dover Athletic Football Club Limited
TX 453.11875 MHz, RX 453.11875 MHZ

Dover Retail Crime Operation
TX 453.40625 MHz, RX 459.90625 MHz

TX 453.05625 MHz, RX 459.55625 MHz

P&O European Ferries (Dover) Limited
TX 169.36875 MHz, RX 169.36875 MHz

Howletts & Port Lympne Zoo Parks
TX 165.18125 MHz, RX 169.98125 MHz

Folkestone Harbour Company Limited
TX 453.49375 MHz, RX 459.99375 MHz

Lydd Airport

TX: 461.1375 MHz
RX: 461.1375 MHz

TX: 455.8375 MHz
RX: 455.8375 MHz

TX 453.54375 MHz, RX 453.54375 MHz
TX 453.64375 MHz, RX 453.64375 MHz

Folkestone Town Centre Management Limited (FAPAC)
TX 456.64375 MHz, RX 462.14375 MHz *

Asda & NCP Carpark enforcement officers in Folkestone use 449.400 (UK General)

Peter George Hail And Jennifer Margaret Hail
TX 456.74375 MHz, RX 462.24375 MHz

Debenhams Retail Plc Folkestone Town centre
TX 460.09375 MHz, RX 460.09375 MHz

If any new business's new frequency's are assigned i sure be to update

Re: Frequency for Folkestone & Surroundings towns

Posted: 12 Sep 2017, 12:42
by AlfieDivine1
Since the last time i posted i have had some luck tracking down an updated database so I have put together the frequency's i think people would like to program in their scanner so here it goes!

Taxis in South East Kent.

Tx - Base RX - Receiving, Tx is the prefer frequency to monitor.

Tx 168.1000 Rx 172.900 Central Cars, Anglian Taxis, RAMSGATE (2014)

Tx 165.225 Rx 170.025 Dover Sherwan Taxis (2014)

Tx 165.2875 Rx 170.0875 Dover Heritage Taxis, DOVER (2014)

Tx 163.0375 Rx 158.5375 Smiley's Radio Cars, MARGATE (2013)

Tx 168.21875 Rx 173.01875 Direct Cars, Deal (2013)

Tx 165.3125 Rx 170.1125 Herne Cars, Herne Bay (2013)

Tx 165.2375 Rx 170.0375 Sandwich Cars Taxis, Sandwich (2016)

Enjoy guys

Re: Frequency for Folkestone & Surroundings towns

Posted: 09 Nov 2018, 14:34
by Wiggler
I decided to try and see what DMR I could pick up in Folkestone, so far I've got the

Eurotunnel Car Loaders
Tx 456.050 Rx 461.550 cc2

Re: Frequency for Folkestone & Surroundings towns

Posted: 10 Nov 2018, 12:26
by AlfieDivine1
Well done , I listen to the car loaders daily haha