Grand National 2016

Scanning radio frequencies for the North West
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Grand National 2016

Post by Scott_93 » 12 Mar 2016, 20:36

Grand National 2016 is approaching and the build up will most likely start soon.

National Radio Bank is the supplier and in the past have supplied a temporary MotoTRBO Capacity Plus site.
Two licenses are in force this year running from 1st April until the 30th April. I would suggest the first license is the CapacityPlus system and the second for other users. It would be interesting to hear from local users what is what. Please don't post Talkgroup ID's or other intimate details, let's not spoil it for ourselves!
License number 1068001:
TX: 440.0375 MHz RX: 425.5375 MHz
TX: 440.0750 MHz RX: 425.5750 MHz
TX: 440.1250 MHz RX: 425.6250 MHz
TX: 440.1875 MHz RX: 425.6875 MHz
TX: 440.2125 MHz RX: 425.7125 MHz
TX: 440.2375 MHz RX: 425.7375 MHz
License number 1068465
TX: 455.8000 MHz RX: 461.1000 MHz
TX: 455.8500 MHz RX: 461.1500 MHz
TX: 456.3625 MHz RX: 461.8625 MHz
TX: 456.5125 MHz RX: 462.0125 MHz
TX: 465.7875 MHz Simplex
TX: 465.8250 MHz Simplex
TX: 465.8625 MHz Simplex

Have fun,

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