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Re: Eccles, Manchester Freqs

Posted: 29 Apr 2012, 18:15
by Brownie2k2001
Few more i've found if anyone is interested. Again, no ID's on them as i'm just pulling them right from the scanner onto this thread... so i'll ask kindly for any help ID'ing some of these :)

427.5000MHz C156.7 (Roadside Workers in Carrington)
167.2500MHz C77.0

I'll keep the hunt going! :)


Re: Eccles, Manchester Freqs

Posted: 03 May 2012, 12:41
by Brownie2k2001
Cadishead Cars Base
165.5125MHz C141.3

Cadishead Cars Mobile
170.3125MHz C141.3

A few from Trafford Centre and around the area:

461.4500MHz C136.5
446.1000MHz C67.0
428.9500MHz C67.0
163.8500MHz DCS331
165.2125MHz C123.0 - Eccles Shop Link
166.7250MHz C146.2

I'll keep the search going if anyone is benefitting from these?

Re: Eccles, Manchester Freqs

Posted: 03 May 2012, 14:10
by Monsta
We are !
its just a lot if haven't mastered getting the scanner mobile and auto-storing
especially whilst driving ... your a stunt man !

Re: Eccles, Manchester Freqs

Posted: 07 May 2012, 21:04
by Brownie2k2001
Heres a few more from Trafford Centre and around the area. I know i posted a load for Trafford Centre on the first page, so there may be duplicates, but atleast you'll know they're still in use :) ID's would be great if anyone has the time/patience for it:

Trafford Centre/Local-ish Area

171.7375MHz C88.5
446.0937MHz C67.0
449.4000MHz DCS263
449.3125MHz DCS036
453.4375MHz C94.8
453.5000MHz C71.9
459.9375MHz C94.8
461.4062MHz DCS023

Re: Eccles, Manchester Freqs

Posted: 05 Mar 2015, 13:25
by markeddy
Hi just wondering could anybody help me find Eccles shoplinks freq as they are no longer using 165.2125 they seem to be using hytera pd785 vhf digital radios but not sure if they have switch over as one shop still has a hyt radio on show that looks like analogue to me willing to share freq please message me many thanks

Re: Eccles, Manchester Freqs

Posted: 26 Mar 2015, 23:01
by Brownie2k2001
Been so long since i've been on a Close Call walk through Eccles and the sorts... I need to get back on it.
I think quite a lot of the stuff around Eccles and Salford has gone digital now, but with DSD+ it's pretty easy to decode and listen to it all. I know Trafford Centre and Manchester Shopwatch have gone digital, and quite a few other places too.

Theres still quite a lot of analogue stuff out there, i'll have to see whats about

Re: Eccles, Manchester Freqs

Posted: 12 May 2017, 21:44
by Brownie2k2001
Seems like quite a lot, if not 90% of the stuff around here is now TRBO.
I've managed to snag quite a few freqs via custom search, but i'm not totally sure who they are.

Some match the frequencies i've listed on the first page, but i can't be sure thats who they still are (455.6250MHz listed previously as Altrincham Shop Watch for example).

Does anyone in the Eccles/Greater Manchester region have any up to date frequencies?