Pubwatch in Reading Berkshire

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Pubwatch in Reading Berkshire

Post by crowman » 22 May 2010, 09:16

Hi any body no the what number it is for pubwatch in Reading please? I get shopwatch easy but can't hear pubwatch, have the r20 and mk3!

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Re: Pubwatch in Reading Berkshire

Post by Andrew » 23 May 2010, 09:32

Bill Donne: 0773-8734586
Geoff Keeble: 0775-1942452

Sorry, my sense of humour is warped today. I take it you mean the frequency? Not all, but most pubs and shopwatches operate on the same frequency, but different tones. I take it you have done a near thorough search around closing time? Reading pubwatch has its own site which is where I got the numbers.
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