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Welcome Back!

Postby Transmission1 » 15 Apr 2015, 10:19

Welcome back... It's been a bit of a strange week here at TM1 :D
Our hosting provider decided to pull the plug due to an alleged DDoS attack on the server and then we found ourselves homeless for a short while :shock: It didn't really help that I was out of country for a while too so I couldn't do very much about it until my return :roll:

Having looked into the "post mortem" of our previous server what I can see is not a particular DDoS but more of a sustained attack by bots trying to sign up every few seconds with spammy accounts that are, of course rejected.

Anyway, we took the opportunity to take some time out and upgrade the forum software to the major new release of phpbb 3.1. This was quite a challenge as the database was large and hadn't changed much in the past ten years. But, we're now back with some great improvements that we're sure you will find useful.

- Responsive Theme - should work great on all size screens including mobiles and tablets
- Less page reloads, now uses HTML5 and Ajax
- Improved Attachment uploading - drag and drop in modern browsers
- Faster page loading times and less server load
- Improved notifications - you can now see notifications through the widget at the top of your screen so you can switch off email notification to save hundreds of messages.

That's just a few of the new features. I apologise to anyone who is missing the old themes (such as the orange), they are no longer compatible with the new software but I am hoping to add some different colours/styles once the dust settles.

Thanks for your patience whilst we got things sorted.
Don't forget to update your bookmarks to transmission1.eu - the new domain of our forum. The old URL will continue to redirect for the foreseeable future but you shouldn't rely on it.

Simon, 26TM001 - East Yorkshire, UK
Founder of Transmission1 & Tango Mike 26 Division Co-ordinator

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