TM1 Rules and etiquette - A reminder

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TM1 Rules and etiquette - A reminder

Post by MrWeetabix » 30 Mar 2015, 09:08

Hello everyone,

Can I take the opportunity to remind members of THE RULES. Whilst we are more than happy to let a discussion play-out (assuming that all parties have relevant/valid points to make of course), we are very aware that some members are resorting to personal attacks whilst making those points.

You may have an opinion on something, but that doesn’t make you right! If you are incapable of mounting a rational and civil defence of your opinion, then we suggest you keep your opinions to yourself.

We are pretty laid-back here on TM1. We rely on the respect and maturity of our members to self-regulate to a certain extent. We don’t want to fall into the trap of other forums where we over-moderate their members to death, but the number of threads being derailed recently is now at a level where we must wade-in.

Board warnings and moderated posts will be applied to members who constantly breach the rules or for those whom seek to troll and/or otherwise cause offence or harm on the forum. Specifically in relation to the treatment of M3s on the forum. There is no law against someone holding an M3 call sign for as long as they want, so why they (or indeed new m3/m6 stations for that matter) should be victimised or talked-down to is beyond reason. Each to their own. By all means, ENCOURAGE someone to progress IF they have the means to, but we will not tolerate the belittling or outright malice towards these members.

With that said, can we please encourage members to report posts which go-against the forum rules, as well as offensive or otherwise questionable posts being made, as this will assist the moderation team in identifying where sanctions need to be taken.

TM1 is not only a fantastic online resource for radio enthusiasts, but it is a community of users whose collective knowledge and enthusiasm for the hobby help to make this site all it is. We don’t want to see the actions of the minority ruin things for the majority.

Now, run along and play nicely in radio land, if more of us spent as much time on the air as we do hammering on a keyboard, maybe the hobby wouldn't be in the state it’s in?


Regards, Craig
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